We offer a full range of Financial Services to assist you in your vehicle purchase.

Our range of finance products from Hire Purchase to Operating Lease allow us to tailor make a financial solution to meet your needs. We have available people who can assist you choose the finance arrangement that best suits your individual needs. This allows you to complete your vehicle purchase and financing requirements at the same time. 

There is also a vast range of Leasing Options available to choose from. 


The amendments to the CCCFA (Consumer Law Reform Act) take effect from the 6th of June 2018. Dealerships selling finance will now be considered lenders for the purposes of the legislation, and as such must assist the borrower to reach informed decisions in all subsequent dealings in relation to any financing agreements.

Under the Act, as a dealership that sells financial products, we are required to publish the 'costs of borrowing' and 'standard form contracts' on our website (and make these available on demand within your premises).

Maximum rates charged by Rotorua Mazda

The maximum rates that Rotorua Mazda will charge are 14.99% per annum - this rate is for CFS loans, all UDC loans have a maximum of 12.99% per annum rate.


Below are links provided for our UDC loans, for all CFS loans, please follow this webpage: